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WHITTAMORE'S FARM WELCOMES SCHOOLS, DAY CARES, DAY CAMPS AND LARGER GROUPS who wish to come out to the farm and visit our Pick-Your-Own to pick their own fresh Strawberries or Raspberries.


June & July


Tours will start about Friday June 23rd (weather permitting) and run Tuesday to Friday only.


ENTRY FEE: $5.00 per person


This will include: One quart of Strawberries or  One pint of Raspberries (depending on the time of season)


For further details and to make a reservation email Mike at mike@whittamoresfarm.com or call 905-294-8200, Ext. 214.


Tips for a successful Group PYO

Regardless of whether this is your first group tour visit to the Pick-Your-Own or

if you are yearly visitors, this tip sheet will highlight some very important

things to keep in mind when visiting Whitt's Pick-Your-Own.


1. If you don't want your group holding their individual baskets on the bus

ride home, bring additional boxes/containers.

Many group tours (typically groups with kids) like to collect all the full

berry baskets from each child and put them in something like a cardboard box

or a reusable bag before getting back on the bus (and hey we don't blame

you...berry juice all over the bus definitely is not ideal). However,

Whittamore's does not provide cardboard boxes/plastic bags/other types of

containers for group tours to do this. Therefore, be sure to bring some bags

or empty boxes with you if you plan on collecting the baskets. 


2. Bring masking tape and pens.

If you plan to collect all the baskets in a central place on your way home (as

discussed above) then you will definitely want to bring masking tape and pens

to label the baskets.  Many groups show up with the hopes of labeling each

quart/pint basket with the name of the child it belongs to but forget to bring

these items along. Labeling the baskets means not having to worry about them

getting mixed up on the way home.  Please be aware Whittamore's does not

provide these supplies to you.


3. Yes, we have bathrooms!

Albeit they are port-a-potties, but we do have a place for children to use the

bathroom.  Our tip: take all the kids to the washroom BEFORE heading into the

field.  In order to take you to the best picking area, you sometimes have to

walk a bit, meaning walking back to the washroom mid-picking can be a timewaster.  You may want to factor this into your overall time at the farm.


Please note the washrooms do not have running water to wash your hands,

however hand sanitizer is provided.


4. Lunch in the Pick-Your-Own.

If your group is looking to eat lunch while in the pick-your-own that is fine

by us.  There are plenty of grassy areas to eat that are away from cars coming

in and out of the pick-your-own. You may not, however, eat your lunch out in

the berry field.  Please note that there are not any picnic tables in the

pick-your-own and that any food for sale is found at the farm market.


5. All group tours must pay the $5.00 entry fee.

Regardless of whether you would like to pick more than a quart/pint per

person, every person in a group tour still must pay the $5.00 cost (adults

included).  Additional containers may be brought or purchased and weighed by

the pound, but this is in addition to the $5.00 charge for the quart basket of

strawberries (or pint basket of raspberries). 


6. Visiting Whittamore's Fun Farm Yard? Tell your bus to stay put!

It can be anywhere from 15-30 minutes walking from the Pick-Your-Own to the

Fun Farm Yard depending on what field we're picking in. That's why if you are

visiting both places, make sure your bus stays in the Pick-Your-Own with you

so it can drive you back to the Fun Farm yard.  Whittamore's does not provide

tractor rides/other transportation to or from the Pick-Your-Own to the Fun

Farm Yard and vice-versa.


Available at our admission booth!

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