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Fall School Tours

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Available weekdays from September 18, 2016 to October 31, 2017

Our tours are a combination of guided and self-guided. We have tour guides available to help at various activities throughout the tour.


Take a look around our interactive Fun Farm MapWhittamore's Farm offers a fun and educational experience for your students during the Fall and Hallowe'en season! Our tours are curriculum based, including living things and growing and are appropriate for kindergarten and primary aged children. Not only are the tours filled with fun activities, but they are offered in a safe, healthy environment and related directly to what is happening in your classroom.


We are conveniently located for York Region, Durham Region and Toronto Schools.


Morning Farm Tours:
Start at 9:00 am

Afternoon Farm Tours:

Start at 11:30 am

Bookings are required and please allow 1.5 to 2 hours for your tour, unless you are staying for lunch.


Pumpkinland School Tours

- Recommended for children pre-school to Grade 3

- Wagon Ride

- Educational learning on Pumpkins and how they grow.

- Educational learning on our Barn Yard Animals and the by-products that some of them produce.

- Animated Singing Chicken Show.

- Playtime in our Maze, Sand Toy Lot, Spider Web and Tractor Tire Climb area.

- Time permitting, climb Strawberry Mountain and view the majesty of the Rouge River Valley.

- Each child will take home a small pumpkin.

- Lunch time tours are available.


Please Note: Students are to remain under the supervision of teachers and adults at all times, dress warmly (hats and mitts) and wear rubber boots.

Please bring bags for pumpkins.


We run an outdoor facility and tours will run regardless of weather conditions.



ADMISSION: $10.25 per person (includes HST, $9.07 + $1.18HST = $10.25). Admission will be paid by all students/siblings.  For every 5 students, 1 adult receives (teacher/counselor/parent) free admission (1:5 ratio).  Extra adults will be charged the regular admission fee. PLEASE NOTE: COUPONS, PROMOTIONAL VOUCHERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT FOR TOURS


HOW TO PAY: Payment is due at the start of your visit. We accept school cheques, Interac, VISA, Mastercard and American Express. Please have your count (children and any additional adults) and your cheque ready for when you meet our Tour Co-ordinator upon your arrival. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH FOR TOURS.


CONFIRMATION NOTICE: will be emailed to you immediately following your booking reservation.


BOOK ONLINE: Fill out our online form and we will respond by the next business day


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